Talent recruitment

Housekeeping Department:

Ÿ 1 front desk receptionist (can accept fresh graduates)

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the daily work of front desk reception;

2. Provide guests with inquiry, check-in, check-out, and payment settlement services;

3. Familiar with various policies related to hotel room sales, striving to improve service quality;

4. Proficient in various business and skills at the front desk, providing accurate inquiry services;

5. Cooperate with the department manager to handle various internal affairs of the department.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, good image and temperament, proficient in Mandarin, with strong service 

awareness and sense of responsibility;

2. Male students are required to have a height of 173cm or more, while female students are required to

 have a height of 162cm or more;

3. Ability to adapt to shift work, with priority given to those with relevant work experience in five-star 

hotels or above.

Ÿ Two room attendants

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the cleanliness of hotel rooms, the replacement of room supplies, and maintaining

 a fresh and comfortable room environment;

2. Responsible for the inspection and reimbursement of check-out rooms;

3. Responsible for inspecting and maintaining the facilities and equipment of guest rooms;

4. Responsible for cleaning and disinfecting work vehicle items, linens, and cups;

5. Provide timely, high-quality, and comprehensive room service.

Job requirements:

1. Good physical and mental health, hardworking, diligent and proactive, with a strong sense of service;

2. Willing to engage in room cleaning work and passionate about the hotel industry;

3. Priority will be given to those with work experience (probation period may be waived).

Ÿ 2 cleaners/PA technicians

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the hygiene and cleaning work of the assigned area;

2. Ensure the completion of assigned tasks with quality and quantity;

3. Obey assignments and arrangements.

Job requirements:

1. No gender limit, physically healthy, aged 40-52 years old;

2. Priority will be given to those with relevant work experience.

Catering Department:

Ÿ 5 waiters (Chinese/Western/Thai restaurants) (fresh graduates are acceptable)

Job responsibilities:

1. Make all necessary preparations before meals, including environmental hygiene checks, 

setting up dining tables and utensils, preparing utensils and tea;

2. Receiving customers should be proactive, enthusiastic, polite, patient, and thoughtful, 

making them feel at home;

3. Operate according to unified service standards and provide services to customers;

4. Actively participate in departmental training and continuously improve service skills;

5. Actively cooperate with superiors and obey the work arrangements of the shift leader.

Job requirements:

1. Passionate about food and beverage, with certain adaptability;

2. Proactive, enthusiastic, and strong sense of responsibility in work;

3. Priority will be given to having experience in catering related work.

Ÿ Long term recruitment for dishwashers

Job responsibilities:

1. Classify and store tableware in different levels to prevent contamination;

2. Each bowl and plate should be cleaned with one scraping, two rinsing, three washing, 

and four disinfections;

3. Put the tableware into the cabinet immediately after cleaning to avoid damage;

4. If any damaged tableware is found, it should be immediately picked up and declared, 

and the cause should be investigated;

5. Responsible for the storage of valuable tableware.

Job requirements:

1. Age range from 38 to 52 years old, physically healthy, responsive, down-to-earth, 

diligent and responsible in work;

2. Obey leadership and management, be friendly and kind.

Engineering Department:

Ÿ Three comprehensive maintenance workers (boiler worker/mud and water worker/

carpenter/water electrician)

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for hotel maintenance and repair;

2. Work with a certificate and follow the maintenance instructions to the corresponding

 location in the department for maintenance;

3. Stick to your position and conscientiously keep records of all types of work.

Job requirements:

1. Age requirement: 38-52 years old;

2. Have a good sense of teamwork;

3. Good character, able to endure hardship and hard work.

Life benefits - including meals, accommodation, health check ups, birthday benefits

Insurance benefits - Five insurances and one fund (pension/work-related injury/unemployment

/maternity/medical/housing provident fund)

Holiday benefits - statutory holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, 

breastfeeding leave, 6 days off per month

Training and promotion - professional knowledge and skills training

Bonus benefits - monthly performance bonus, year-end bonus

Address: No. 22 Zhuangfu Lane, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

Contact person: Ms. Zheng

Recruitment hotline: 0595-28296053

Interview Address: Interview Room, Human Resources Department, Quanzhou Hotel, No. 22 

Zhuangfu Lane, Quanzhou City

Interview time: Monday to Friday 9:30-11:00 14:00-17:00

Interview materials: Original ID card and relevant certificates

Bus route: Take bus route 4/6/14/19/20/24/25/26/33/41/601 to Xinmen Street Station and 

get off - walk about 250 meters

(You can take Xiaobai to the entrance of Quanzhou Hotel in the ancient city)